EV90P – Renewaire Energy Recovery Ventilator

What type of control do I need?
Which Primary Control would you like?
Would you like a Point of Use Controller?

Normally used for manual point of use control, such as bathrooms and high occupancy areas.

    1. Typical Airflow Range: 40-110 cfm
    2. Optimally sized for the small residential home, apartment or condominium (up to 2000 sq. ft.)
    3. 115V / 60 Hz / Single Phase corded plug
    4. Dedicated RenewAire brand two wire controls for perfect operation (controls integral to BR70, BR130)
    5. In new construction or remodel situations –  replace common bathroom fans with RenewAire residential ERVs – 100% exhaust air to fresh air separation
    6. Where quick installation is critical –  try our Award winning Breeze TMmodels (BR70, BR130)
  • Residential Products Brochure Guide Spec Sheet

    EV90P Product ManualEV90P Product Manual

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